Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice

Holistic nutritional advice

At Open Yoga you can get personal and nuanced nutritional and lifestyle advice.

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Welcome to Well Up North!

The consultations are given by Lorette from Well Up North. Well means ‘source’ in English. With attention to all aspects of a person, she has provided nutritional advice from North America for years and she now does so from the North of the Netherlands. Well Up North is your source of knowledge and guides you to well-being.

Gastrointestinal complaints, hormonal imbalance or an autoimmune disease?

Then you have come to the right place at Lorette. By improving the 4S, the body can regain balance:


Sports & exercise;



These factors influence the bacteria in our intestines and therefore also our hormones and how we feel. For an energetic life, the above aspects are all connected.


About Lorette

I am Lorette from Well Up North: as a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist at Open Yoga, I am happy to help you make healthy food choices and guide you to a life in balance and full of energy.

I also really enjoy giving workshops about nutrition. I regularly give the Nutrition & Yoga workshop series at Open Yoga. In three sessions we look at how nutrition and yoga can positively influence your energy level. Each session has a theme: digestion, hormones and detoxification. You can read more about me at Well Up North »

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