At Open Yoga you can get different types of massage!

Massage is a pleasant way to relax physically and mentally and to disconnect from daily activities.

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Welcome to Hartcontact

De massages worden gegeven door Irmgard van Hartcontact. She gives the following types of massages and treatments:

Classic massage

Relaxation massage

Shiatsu Therapy

Lymphatic drainage


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About Irmgard

At an early age I became fascinated by the world that you cannot understand with your mind and words. I grew up in a large, religious family. And while I used to feel that religion couldn’t give me all the answers, it has opened me up to the idea that there is more than meets the eye. I used to find answers more in contact with animals and nature. I could spend hours there. It ensured that I learned to intuitively tune into my environment and what I felt. I acquired the ability to intuitively sense the needs and wishes of others in nature and in my large family. Later in my work as a pedagogical employee with children and people with disabilities, I increasingly deepened this skill.

But there was more to the world waiting to be discovered! I went out into the world to see with my own eyes how magical our world is. What fantastic wonders Mother Earth has to offer! I have climbed the highest mountains and dived into the deepest depths. Also in the journey of my life I have figuratively seen the highest peaks and deepest valleys.

I include all these experiences in my massages. They are inextricably linked to me. In my treatments I want to see you, I want to feel you. I am guided by my intuition and experiences. If you’re open to it, maybe I can show you a direction here and there.

With every treatment, every client, every new person in my life I learn something new. Like everyone else, I let go of old conditioning. Driven by the need for inner and outer peace, I have never stopped learning!


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