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Pregnancy yoga in Groningen

Are you pregnant? You can also do yoga then. It is important to take good care of yourself, especially when you are pregnant. Pregnancy yoga keeps your body and mind in balance during a period when a lot is changing around you and in your body. You can also start yoga during your pregnancy if you have never done yoga before. We also have the Yoga & Childbirth course »

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Pregnancy yoga in Groningen

If you are looking for pregnancy yoga in Groningen, you have come to the right place. At Open Yoga in Groningen we have yoga classes for pregnant women in different forms: individual pregnancy yoga classes and the Yoga & Childbirth » course that prepares you for childbirth. For after the birth we have a Mama-Baby Yoga course and separate Postnatal Yoga lessons on the schedule.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Physical benefits

Pregnancy yoga strengthens muscles that are needed during childbirth, such as your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. It is also good for your posture. This can help relieve back pain, which is common during pregnancy. In addition, (continuing to) exercise is good for your blood circulation, night’s sleep and flexibility.

Emotional and mental support

Before, during and after a pregnancy, everything changes (or should I say: everything) in your life and in your body. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly open to discussion that it is not all a big pink glitter cloud. The breathing techniques and meditations that we do during classes help you learn to deal with what is happening and can reduce stress.

By exercising together with other expectant mothers, you notice that you are not alone in this and you can exchange experiences.

Preparing for childbirth

During the lessons we mainly focus on exercise. We adapt yoga postures to the pregnant body. During the Yoga & Childbirth course you prepare for childbirth by practicing various breathing techniques and postures that can help you during childbirth. In this course there is also more opportunity to ask questions and talk to each other.


Pregnancy yoga in Groningen: also for beginners

Even if you have never done yoga before, you can start when you are pregnant; Our classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis. Always let your teacher know if it is your first time. We ensure that the postures are accessible to every body, by providing different options and using props (such as blankets, blocks and pillows).

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