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Power Yoga: Power & Play

Are you looking for Power Yoga in Groningen? Power & Play is a dynamic, playful class in which we work towards more complex postures, such as a handstand!

You can read here exactly what it is and whether this class is for you! If you already know enough, you can of course book your class immediately.

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What is Power & Play and is it suitable for me?

Power & Play is an active and playful class in which we use creative drills to work towards more complex postures, such as a handstand or a different arm balance. We build up the posture step by step by warming up and strengthening the right muscle groups. We are also working on flexibility. You don’t have to be able to do it all perfectly to participate – you work on your process by building up the attitude with options and variations. We’re going to laugh, fall over and grow a little sore ;)


Can I do a Power & Play class?

At Open Yoga we teach Power & Play All-level and Power & Play Intense. In principle, anyone can participate in a Power & Play All-level class, but it is useful if you have experience with yoga and are already familiar with the postures. This will help you keep up with the pace of the lesson. If you don’t have much experience yet, you can take some Basics » lessons first.

We also have Power & Play as a Hot class »


Is Power Yoga the same as Power & Play?

Power Yoga is actually any yoga class that involves strength and/or a high pace. At Open Yoga you could describe Vinyasa », Yoga Hour » and Power & Play as Power Yoga.

Functional Yoga

At Open Yoga we work from Functional Yoga, which in short means that we recognize that everyone is different, and that every yoga posture looks different per person. We do not look for the perfect picture or what the posture “should” look like. We don’t try to force our bodies into a position; we try to shape the posture to our own body.

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Became curious? At Open Yoga we have Power & Play for you in different forms: there are lessons in the studio and online lessons.

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