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Postnatal yoga: exercise after childbirth

Looking for postnatal yoga in Groningen? These lessons are for you, new mom! After nine months of changes in your body, the birth is over and you can start recovering. Postnatal yoga, or postpartum yoga, is a gentle way to bring you back into physical and mental balance after giving birth. You can also participate if you have never done yoga before.

We have postnatal courses starting regularly in the studio, the Post Natal Reset » and the Mama-Baby Yoga course » choose what suits you best.

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What is postnatal yoga or postpartum yoga?

Postnatal yoga is a form of yoga that specifically focuses on the postpartum body. Postnatal yoga is therefore the same as postpartum yoga. We do yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises with the aim of recovering your body. For example, we work on the recovery of your core (abdominal muscles) and pelvic floor. It is also nice to connect with other mothers and share experiences.

When can I start yoga after giving birth?

  • Courses: Depending on how well you feel, you can start from 6 weeks after giving birth. We focus on recovering your core and strengthening your upper back. In this way we work on a healthy posture; In your daily life with the baby, your body has to endure a lot during feeding, rocking, carrying, changing, and so on. After the lesson there is time to exchange experiences and drink tea.

Can my baby come to class?

The Postnatal Reset course classes are a moment for you, without a baby. Would you rather come to the studio with your baby and have more time to exchange experiences with other mothers? Then take the Mama-Baby Yoga course>>


Benefits of postnatal yoga after pregnancy

  • Body recovery: Postnatal yoga helps you strengthen your muscles, joints and pelvic area and get back into shape. The gentle postures and movements promote blood circulation and support the recovery process.
  • Reduce Stress and Fatigue: Taking care of a newborn baby is tiring. The meditations and breathing techniques help you to relax and unwind. Postnatal yoga is a time of relaxation and self-care, which will help reduce your stress levels and hopefully give you some recharge.
  • Emotional balance: Childbirth is – to say the least – quite a challenge. By engaging with your own body again, moving, relaxing and breathing, you reconnect with yourself. This can help you to accept your emotions and thus become more balanced.

Postnatal Yoga for Beginners

Even if you have never done yoga before, you can start after giving birth; Our classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis. Always let your teacher know if it is your first time. We ensure that the postures are accessible to every body, by providing different options and using props (such as blankets, blocks and pillows).

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Postnatal yoga at open Yoga: book your class

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