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Kirtan: singing mantras together

Looking for Kirtan in Groningen? That’s possible with us! Every month we organize a Kirtan on a donation basis, to sing mantras together, listen and connect with our community.

You can read exactly what Kirtan is and whether it is for you on this page. If you already know enough, you can of course book your lesson immediately.

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What is Kirtan and can I participate?

Kirtan is an ancient Indian tradition and literally means ‘singing’, ‘shouting’ and ‘praising’ in Sanskrit. During a Kirtan evening we chant mantras together, accompanied by Athena on the harmonium and Sylvain on guitar. Singing mantras together is an active form of meditation, which puts you in touch with something bigger than yourself. Kirtan can be a great way to connect. Connection with yourself, connection with others, connection with the world around us. You can make your Kirtan as active as you want: sing along, dance, or just come and listen. Your instrument is also welcome!

Do I have to know all the lyrics by heart?!

No, you don’t have to know the mantras to participate. We will give you a text sheet with all the mantras on it so that you can read along. We also often sing via call & response: we sing it and you then respond.


Kirtan for beginners

Even if you have never done Kirtan before, you can participate. You don’t have to be able to sing to participate; it’s about how you sing, not how it sounds. If you prefer to listen alone, that is also possible!

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Kirtan in Groningen: come sing at Open Yoga

There is a Kirtan every month. You can find the dates on the Events page. You can also register here. Registration is free, you make your donation on the day itself in the studio. This can be done with pin or cash. We would like to hear in advance whether you are coming, so that we can prepare enough cushions.

Getting started with Yoga: take a trial lesson!

Are you new to us? Come to the yoga class too! You can use our trial package for your first two lessons.


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