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Do you want to do Hot Yoga in Groningen?

That’s possible with us! Open Yoga is currently the only yoga studio in Groningen that offers Hot Yoga. We have different types of lessons as a Hot variant!

You can read exactly what Hot Yoga is and whether it is for you on this page. If you already know enough, you can of course book your lesson immediately.

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What is Hot Yoga and is it right for me?

Hot Yoga is a form of yoga that we do in a heated room. We heat the room with infrared lamps. Depending on which class you take, the temperature is 25, 30 or 35 degrees.

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

  • The heat causes your blood vessels to dilate, which promotes blood circulation and oxygen absorption
  • Your muscles warm up faster, making you more flexible and preventing injuries
  • By sweating, your body removes waste products faster, which has a positive effect on your skin and general metabolism
  • It’s also great to warm up in the winter ;)

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga: are they the same?

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are not the same. What they have in common is that both types of classes involve doing yoga postures in a warm room.

The differences: With Bikram Yoga you always do the same 26 postures and the same two breathing exercises in a room at 40 degrees. ‘Regular’ Hot Yoga is a broader concept: there is a lot of variation and you choose the type of lesson that suits you best.

At Open Yoga we only teach Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga for Beginners

You can also do Hot Yoga as a beginner. It is best to start with the Basics Hot. More about Basics »

Getting started with Yoga: Introductory course in the studio and online

Would you prefer a little more guidance before you enter the lesson? During the introductory course we lay a solid foundation in 5 weeks. There are also online options! Read more about the Introductory Course »


Practical information Hot Yoga

Which classes are Hot?

We offer the following classes as a Hot Yoga variant. Go to the lesson page to see if the lesson is something for you.

What do I take with me?

If you use a studio mat, we ask that you use a special Yoga Towel over the mat. Moisten this Yoga Towel for more grip. We have spray bottles in the room for this. You can rent a Yoga Towel at the desk for 1 euro per class. You can also purchase a Yoga Towel yourself. If you use your own yoga mat, you do not need to use a Yoga Towel.

It is also nice to have a bottle of water and a regular towel with you.

Do you use our props, such as pillows, bolsters and blankets? Then place your own regular towel over the prop.

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Hot Yoga in Groningen: book your class at Open Yoga

Became curious? At Open Yoga we offer various classes as a Hot variant.

Getting started with Hot Yoga: take a trial lesson!

Are you new to us? Take advantage of our trial lesson package!


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