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Hatha Refine in Groningen

Would you like to do Hatha Yoga in Groningen? Hatha Refine is a special all-level class that is suitable for everyone because of the way the class is structured: experienced yogis who want to work on technique, the over-60s who have never done yoga and the yogi with injuries.

You can read how that happens here! If you already know enough, you can of course book your lesson immediately.

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What is Hatha Refine and is it right for me?

Hatha Refine is a more static lesson, in which we pay a lot of attention and time for technique, alignment and the functional aspect of each posture. This means that we look for the way in which the posture works best for you per individual. We use a lot of props, such as blocks, blankets, straps and pillows. We also sometimes use a chair.

Hatha Yoga for 60+ and injuries

Hatha Refine is therefore very suitable for people over 60, or for yogis who suffer from temporary or permanent reduced mobility, for example due to an injury or wear and tear.

Hatha Refine for experienced yogis

Even if you are physically fit and have been doing yoga for some time, Hatha Refine can be valuable. You learn to look at familiar postures in a different way. You may pick up something new that you can apply in your further practice.

What does Hatha mean?

The word ‘Hatha’ is Sanskrit. Opinions are somewhat divided about what exactly it means, on the one hand it is said that ‘ha’ and ‘tha’ literally mean ‘sun’ and ‘moon’. On the other hand, the word ‘Hatha’ actually means ‘strength’ or ‘effort’.

In principle, any type of yoga where you do postures falls under Hatha. Hatha actually refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, which means that all classes we teach at Open Yoga are a form of Hatha.


Can I take a Hatha Refine class?

Hatha Refine is an accessible form of yoga that is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. If you have never done yoga before, it may be useful to first take a few Basics » lessons or take part in the Introduction Course ». We also have Hatha Flow », a more dynamic Hatha class in which we connect series of postures.

Functional Yoga

At Open Yoga we work from Functional Yoga, which in short means that we recognize that everyone is different, and that every yoga posture looks different per person. We do not look for the perfect picture or what the posture “should” look like. We don’t try to force our bodies into a position; we try to shape the posture to our own body.

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Hatha Refine in Groningen: book your class at Open Yoga

Became curious? At Open Yoga we have Hatha Refine for you in different forms: there are classes in the studio and online classes.

Getting started with Hatha Refine: take a trial lesson!

Are you new to us? Take advantage of our trial lesson package!

Getting started with Yoga: Introductory course in the studio and online

Would you prefer a little more guidance before you enter the lesson? During the introductory course we lay a solid foundation in 5 weeks. There are also online options! Read more about the Introductory Course »


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