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Basics for beginners and experienced yogis

Do you want to start with yoga in Groningen?

Or have you been doing yoga for a while and are in need of refinement and refreshment?

Then come to our Basics class. In this accessible lesson we give you a lot of explanation and instructions. We mainly do basic postures, short meditations and simple breathing exercises.

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What is Basics and is it right for me?

Solid Basics for Beginners

Basics classes at Open Yoga are suitable for beginners because you receive detailed instructions (cues) for every pose we do. For example, your teacher explains for each posture which part of the body becomes more flexible or stronger as a result of the posture. You also get many options to adjust the posture to your body, so that it benefits you most. We use a lot of props: blocks, a strap (yoga belt), bolsters and blankets. The pace is somewhat slower than, for example, Vinyasa » or Power&Play ».

We also have the Basics lessons as a Hot lesson » in an infrared heated room.

Refinement for experienced yogis

We also regularly see experienced yogis in the Basics classes. It can be educational to approach a posture completely differently, to refresh your knowledge or to seek refinement. And of course it is also nice to connect with your body and breathing, whatever lesson you do.

Are Basics lessons very easy?

The fact that the pace is a bit slower and that we mainly do basic postures does not necessarily mean that it is easy. The lessons can be quite challenging! There are teachers who are known for doing a lot of planking in class (you know who you are ;)). Fortunately, during this class we often remind you that you choose your own pace and you are given options to make the pose lighter or heavier – so you can adjust the level to your needs for the day.


But I'm not flexible at all?!

We hear this more often!

The short answer: You don’t have to! You actually become more flexible by doing yoga!

The long answer: The Basics classes are suitable for people who do not consider themselves flexible enough. Not because we are going to make you super flexible, but because we are going to teach you that being flexible is not necessary to do yoga. Every body is different, and every body can do yoga. Even your own body is not the same every day. Your energy level and flexibility can vary enormously: one day you can effortlessly keep your balance, the next day you keep falling over. Sometimes you can reach your toes, sometimes you can’t. It’s very normal, everyone has it!

Functional Yoga

At Open Yoga we work from Functional Yoga, which in short means that we recognize that everyone is different, and that every yoga posture looks different per person. We do not look for the perfect picture or what the posture “should” look like. We don’t try to force our bodies into a position; we try to shape the posture to our own body.

Getting started with Yoga: Introductory course in the studio and online

Would you prefer a little more guidance before you enter the lesson? During the introductory course we lay a solid foundation in 5 weeks. There are also online options! Read more about the Introductory Course »

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Basics in Groningen: book your class at Open Yoga

Became curious? At Open Yoga we have Basics for you in different forms: there are lessons in the studio and online lessons.

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