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Ashtanga Mysore Yoga: Assisted Self Practice in Groningen

Do you want to do Ashtanga Mysore in Groningen? During these Assisted Self Practice lessons you will receive individual tips and support from the teacher while you practice at your own pace. These classes run Monday to Thursday. Every Friday there is a classroom-led lesson – Ashtanga Led. On Mondays there is an Ashtanga Basics class.

You can read here exactly what Ashtanga Mysore is and whether these lessons are for you! If you already know enough, you can of course book your lesson immediately. We have a number of subscription plans including Mysore »

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What is Ashtanga Mysore Yoga and is it right for me?

Ashtanga Mysore Yoga is a yoga style developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the Indian city of Mysore. During an Ashtanga Mysore class you practice at your own pace and level. Ashtanga Mysore has 6 series, of which the first is the best known: Primary Series. The Primary Series is called ‘Chikitsa’ in Sanskrit, which means ‘therapy’. In the series, postures follow each other in a fixed order. Ashtanga Mysore Yoga focuses on physical strength, flexibility, mental focus and discipline.

What is Assisted Self Practice?

At Open Yoga in Groningen we have Ashtanga Mysore; a lesson given based on Assisted Self Practice. This involves practicing the Primary Series individually, with the teacher providing hands-on corrections and adjustments to help you understand the alignment and move deeper into the poses. These assists can help prevent possible injuries and ensure a safe practice.

We teach Ashtanga Mysore Yoga from Monday to Friday mornings. On Friday the lesson was led in class. The guided lesson is a great way to get to know the Primary Series, although you are also very welcome to start during the week. View the schedule »


The difference between Ashtanga Mysore Yoga and other yoga

Mysore style is a traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Instead of a guided group lesson, where the teacher stands in front of the group and sets the pace, the students follow their own rhythm and breathing in their own practice. As mentioned earlier, the teacher is present for individual guidance.

Can I take an Ashtanga Mysore class?

Ashtanga Mysore is an all-level class. The individual guidance allows you to participate as a beginner. It is nice if you already know some postures, so that not everything is new to you. You can take the guided lesson on Friday morning, or you can start with a few Basics lessons » or take the Introduction course ». On Monday morning at 8 we offer an Ashtanga Basics class ».

Experienced yogis can join an Ashtanga Mysore class. Because you determine the pace yourself, you emphasize postures and transitions that you want to pay attention to or provide additional assistance.

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Ashtanga Mysore in Groningen: book your class at Open Yoga

Became curious? At Open Yoga we have Ashtanga Mysore Yoga scheduled for you every weekday morning. You can book this lesson separately, get an Ashtanga Only subscription or take an unlimited subscription including Mysore. View all subscriptions »

ASP starts at 7 a.m. and runs until 8.30 a.m. You can start at any time before 07.30 and leave whenever you’re done. Want to start extra early? Experienced yogis can start as early as 6.30 a.m., please do contact Adarsh first through Whatsapp: 06 44 72 9763.

Getting started with Ashtanga Mysore: take a trial lesson!

Are you new to us? Take advantage of our trial lesson package!

Getting started with Yoga: introductory course in the studio and online

Would you prefer a little more guidance before you enter the lesson? During the introductory course we lay a solid foundation in 5 weeks. There are also online options! Read more about the Introductory Course »


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