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Do yoga online wherever and whenever you want; That is possible at Open Yoga. From nice and quiet to active, from a quick fifteen-minute lesson to a long 75-minute lesson: we have it for you!

With more than 100 online lessons, you have plenty of choice! Our own teachers regularly record new lessons for you.

You can take the classes below for free to try out whether Online Yoga at Open Yoga is something for you.

Got excited? We have special lesson cards for online lessons.

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In this lesson, Dieuwertje focuses on your upper body. If you have yoga blocks, you can grab them, but two thick books also work fine. Read more about Basics »


This Yinyang lesson is about the legs. The first part is a bit more active; the second part is quieter. We hold the postures for longer. You will again need two blocks (or books), a blanket, pillows and a belt or scarf. Read more about Yinyang »