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About yoga teacher Pip

My first yoga class was actually just an experiment. I had no idea then that yoga would touch me so much and mean so much to me. From that first time I was “hooked”.

Yoga has brought me so much and continues to do so every day. A stronger and more flexible body of course, but also much more connection with myself and the realization of how important it is to take good care of myself, body, mind and soul. Yoga brings me into contact with myself every time. It has taught me to sometimes take my thoughts a little less seriously and my body a little more, during practice and beyond. Through yoga I experience much more how special and beautiful the human body is and how much it means to feel good in your body. I enjoy doing yoga together, that’s why I spend a lot of time in the studio taking classes and if that’s not possible, I roll out my mat at home. I really ‘need’ my practice and still want to learn, experience and discover so much on my yoga path!

In my own practice I have learned through trial and error (injuries!) how important it is not to always push the boundaries. I think it is very important that the practice is safe. But also that everyone feels safe in my class and that everyone can participate in the class in their own way and with their own intention. Whether you come for the physical workout, more connection with yourself, to clear your head, process things, just for fun or a combination of these. Who knows, you might discover, just like me, that yoga can bring so much more besides all this. Anyway, let’s practice together and share!

I started the 200hrs Teacher Training at Open Yoga to deepen my own practice and because I was very curious about what else lies behind yoga besides the asanas. During the training I discovered how much I enjoy teaching. I would like to share the pleasure of doing yoga together, and anything else that comes with it.

One of my other great loves and pastimes is my dogs. Together with my partner I have a large pack of Labradors. They are our ‘furry kids/friends’. With the dogs I experience nature and the wonder of (new) life intensely and the bond with our dogs is so special. My dogs are often a mirror, just like yoga, they teach me so much, including about myself. They just live in the house with us, so finding a spot on the couch is sometimes quite a challenge!


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