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About Nienke

About yoga teacher Nienke

My name is Nienke Busscher and since the summer of 2019 I have been a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher training with Mandy, Dieuwertje and Kenny and now teach weekly at Open Yoga. I do this in addition to my job as a researcher at the State University. I have been coming to Open Yoga for many years. For me, yoga means taking a moment for yourself, getting to know your body better and relaxing. Yoga is important to me because it has given me more self-confidence and makes me physically and mentally stronger. Everyone is welcome in my Yoga Hour class and during the class I always provide different options for the postures so that yogis of different levels can participate. In my lessons I want to encourage people to get the best out of themselves and challenge themselves to work safely towards the more difficult postures. We hope to see you in class!


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