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About Mirjam

About yoga teacher Mirjam

Mirjam, born and raised in Groningen, recently moved to Zutphen and teaches kundalini yoga at Open Yoga. Mirjam’s lessons are enthusiastic, cheerful and energetic, the fun radiates and is very contagious! As a child she had a passion for dance and ballet. Her parents subscribed to the magazine Onkruid. From this magazine she picked up yoga postures, such as the candle, which she then tried out on her bed. Later she occasionally took a yoga class at the gym. She became really fascinated by yoga later in life, when she discovered kundalini yoga. She completed the kundalini yoga teacher training in 2016 and soon after started teaching at Open Yoga. In 2019 she also completed the hatha yoga teacher training at Open Yoga, which she experiences as a very valuable addition. She recently moved to Zutphen, but remains committed to Open Yoga with heart and soul.


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