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About yoga teacher Marloes

For years, yoga mainly meant moving my body in a pleasant way. Until I started looking into it more, what a world opened up.

Not necessarily with the intention of becoming a teacher, but mainly to deepen my knowledge and learn more about the world of yoga, I followed the 200Hrs Teacher Training at Open Yoga in 2017. During that journey, yoga slowly became more and more of a way of life for me. And it still is. ‘Student for life.’ On the yoga mat I can practice everything that I can take with me from the yoga mat into my life. How do I deal with challenges and boundaries? Can I laugh about it when I get out of balance or do I complain about myself? Yoga teaches me that you can always start over, and has made me aware of how you can create space to make more conscious choices, for example. Sometimes by simply feeling both feet firmly in the ground and taking a few deep breaths. Living mindfully instead of on autopilot.

After completing the teacher training, I became enthusiastic to share my experiences and I have enjoyed teaching ever since.

As a ‘student for life’ I continue to develop myself and continuously learn and discover. Yoga teachers who inspire me and from whom I have taken lessons and training include Kenny Graham, Noah Maze, Meghan Currie, Tony G. and of course Mandy and Dieuwertje.

In my lessons I think it is most important to create a safe and relaxed environment. Where boundaries can be explored, where there is plenty of room to relax, but where you can also challenge yourself and where there is room for fun. Yoga travels with me, and that means that I take what I encounter on my yoga path with me into my classes. Sometimes a nice slow flow, then a challenging power & play. Then focus on breathing or look for strength and flexibility in the body. But I hope that at least every yoga experience brings you home to yourself a little.

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