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About yoga teacher Kim

My name is Kim and at the end of 2019 I completed the 200 HR teacher training at Open Yoga.

From the first moment I did yoga, I knew that it is a very important tool for me to feel good in my head and body. It was just not always easy to give myself this. A few years ago I started practicing yoga with more structure and regularity and it has really changed my life. Because this was so meaningful to me, my wish (and dream) arose to pass this on to others, and therefore to do a Teacher Training. I am very happy that I was able to do this in 2019!

I teach a number of classes at Open Yoga and I enjoy trying out different things and new things that I come across. For me, it is especially important to let people make contact with their bodies and also let them experience it. I am also interested in the psychological aspect of yoga, because I believe that yoga does not stop with doing the postures. This will come back more often in my lessons in the form of themes or the instructions I give.

In addition to yoga, I enjoy reading beautiful books, walking in nature, playing board games and cuddling with the cat on the couch.

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