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About Jolien

About yoga teacher Jolien

Through varied movements in relation to breathing, yoga is for me the perfect convergence of body, mind and feeling. The alternation between effort and relaxation, strengthening and relaxing the body and mind brings me the necessary peace and balance.

During my burnout I decided to follow the Yoga Teacher Training at Open Yoga and this was one of the best decisions I could have made. It has made me decide to focus on two things that give me a lot of energy: yoga and illustrating. For me, these two are closely intertwined: in yoga class I can express all my creativity and yoga is regularly the subject of my illustrations. Soon you can also find me and my work in the Yoga Shop!

I bring my experience as a social worker into the yoga class; I think it is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable in class, regardless of experience, background or health. You can therefore expect an accessible, enthusiastic lesson from me with calm and clear explanations. In yoga practice I find the balance between strengthening and relaxing the body important, by choosing the right balance between strenuous and relaxing postures with attention to breathing. I believe that everyone can experience the benefits of yoga and feel better in body and mind after a class, and I hope to be able to share this with you!


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