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Hey, welcome to my teacher profile!

I discovered yoga in 2020, right at the onset of the pandemic. Being stuck at home and losing my routine threw me off balance. Yoga helped me regain some structure in my life. I began practicing yoga with Mady Morrison on YouTube, as she had a 30-day yoga challenge. Every morning, I rolled out of bed onto my mat and started my day with a 15-minute yoga session. Now that we’ve overcome the pandemic, its imprints remain: I cannot envision my life without yoga. Yoga has become my anchor.

Given the significant role yoga has played for me since 2020, I completed the 200-hour Fundamental Teacher Training at Open Yoga last year and am incredibly excited to teach! One key lesson that resonated with me during my teacher training is this: Being “good” at yoga isn’t about how the pose looks but how it feels and how you handle challenges and potential discomfort. Yoga is about cultivating awareness and adapting each pose to your body’s needs. Therefore, when I teach yoga, I like to incorporate dynamic movements into each pose that allow students to listen to their bodies and choose what feels best for them.

Besides yoga, I am pursuing a PhD in Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Groningen, studying what makes people happy at work. Also, I enjoy hosting silent days/retreats with a friend. I have been living in Groningen since 2021 and love it here! Attending the teacher training at OY last year gave me access to a beautiful community, and now I want to give back to this community by teaching yoga.

Hope to see you on the mat!

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