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About yoga teacher Alexandre

My name is Alexandre Beauchard. I was born in 1983, come from France and have lived in Groningen since 2007. A colleague once told me that yoga could be something for me. I decided to take a trial lesson in power yoga and have been practicing it every day since. Thanks to yoga, I feel that my body has become stronger and more flexible and my mind calmer and clearer. To come into contact with as many forms of yoga as possible and to learn new techniques, I took classes at various yoga studios. I have also completed several Yoga courses (500hrs Hatha Yoga at Arhanta Yoga Nederland, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga at AALO) and an anatomy course to be able to teach safely and get the best out of the postures. Yoga has brought me a lot in my life and I try to give back as much as possible. In my lessons I want to make participants aware of the power of their body and let them relax through correct breathing. I think it is important to lead an active life. Besides yoga, I also like cycling and walking.

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