Rest & Digest part 1


Rest & Digest part 1: Restorative Yoga (25HR)

With Esther van der Hoef & Femke Lemstra

What is restorative yoga?

For many of us, our daily lives are hectic and full, sometimes overflowing. This means our nervous system is in a constant state of fight and flight. From this state, it’s difficult for our bodies to heal, to sleep deeply and restfully, and to give space to the subtle benefits of practising yoga.

Restorative yoga aims to guide our nervous systems back to a state of rest and digest. This practice can be beneficial for those recovering from disease, burnout and injuries. It can help you at the physical level as well as the mental and emotional levels. With the use of props we completely support our bodies in different ways, so that we can rest deeply and enjoy the subtle effects of the yoga postures.

Do you want to learn more about Restorative Yoga, or teach Restorative Yoga yourself? Join us for a 2-part intensive, or as we like to think about it, two pillow-fort building slumber party weekends of learning together. 

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What will you learn?

Introduction to the anatomy of the nervous system

Polyvagal theory

Breathing techniques (pranayama) for relaxation

How to utilise yoga-props for the most comfort

Techniques for hands-on adjustments for deeper relaxation

Lots of restful practice!

Want more Rest & Digest? Sign up for part two: March 15-17 2023 (soon more info). 


Dates and costs

26-28 January 2024 - Friday-Sunday: 0900 - 1700 (1 hour lunchbreak)

Price: €329,- (tax free)

This program also grants you 25 CE credits with Yoga Alliance and can be part of your 300 journey.

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About the teacher

About Esther

Esther’s classes are described as playful, safe, yet challenging. In her classes, there is room for exploration, and all emotions are welcome. With humour and personal attention she hopes to spark your own curiosity about your body and mind. She likes to pay attention to detail and this shows in her yoga classes. After studying and teaching yoga for several years, Esther decided to dive deeper into anatomy by going back to school for a PT-degree. She now combines working as a PT in neuro-rehab with teaching yoga. 


About Femke

Femke’s classes are peaceful; a safe space to examine whatever might come up physically, mentally and emotionally. She invites you to do less and feel more. She loves yoga in all its facets, because in her opinion, it can save lives. She studied extensively in different forms of yoga especially restorative and yin yoga, as well as hypnotherapy and yoga nidra. Her dharma is to bring the western and eastern medicine together and that students can find their joy and vitality back. Humour and laughter can help find the lightness. Femke works as a medical doctor in mental health care.

Femke and Esther met at Open Yoga during their 200hr teacher training and have been close friends ever since. Both very passionate about yoga and teaching, they bring their knowledge from other fields into the yoga studio and bring yoga into the world of western medicine.


Other modules

We also offer other modules in this Advanced Teacher Training (300HR)!