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Over Mehran

Over yoga docent Mehran

Here’s how my yoga journey has been unfolding:

A few years past, on a sunlit day so bright,
In a realm between, neither day nor night,
A friend’s call came, beckoning pure and light,
To practice yoga, journey’s endless flight.

Inward I gazed, in contemplation deep,
“Endless endeavors, secrets here to reap,
What’s there to lose in this path, I keep,
Yoga’s embrace, a different view to sweep.”

With hope in my heart, doubts set aside,
I ventured forth to that mystic, endless tide,
Where blues may find their soothing, side by side,
In gentle stretches, my soul would softly glide.

In a world where asanas waltz, spirits free,
I found a sanctuary, return, you see,
A daily odyssey, a promise to renew,
To yoga’s grace, forever, here with you.

Though the journey started in days of yore,
A friend’s invite opened this vibrant door,
Since then, I’ve met teachers, wise and more,
Yogi friends, like treasures, hearts in store.

In this community where bonds grow tight,
Supporting each other through day and night,
As we share our laughter, sorrows, and cheer,
Together, forever, we’ll always be near.

With every asana, shared breaths in the air,
Our hearts entwined, reaching high with care,
In unity, we found strength and grace,
Together, forever, in this sacred space.

As we flow and our spirits align,
The tapestry of life, a design so fine,
In the heart of yoga, never apart,
For it’s the journey within that heals the heart.

Keep on practicing.

With Metta,


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