Advanced Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Advanced Teacher Training (300hr)

After finishing your Fundamental Teacher Training (200-hour) you can deepen your teaching skills and expand your knowledge with our Continuing Education program.

Design your own program

You can design your own 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training by following modules of your choice within 2.5 years. For a valid 300-hour, you need to take all your modules at one location. If you want to know more about the 300-hour path, send us an e-mail, and we will guide you through our entire program.  Of course you are also more than welcome to participate in a module without signing up for the full training.

We offer a diverse program with excellent teachers from around the world, each with their own specializations and expertise! Most of these trainings are taught on weekends and evenings, making it easier to fit them into your schedule. Check the upcoming trainings in the carousel below!

Advanced Teacher Training Modules

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Why continue your education?

We firmly believe that staying a yoga student is an important part of being a yoga teacher. Studying and teaching yoga is a lifelong path. Whether you are more into philosophy, history, asana, anatomy or pranayama, there is always something new to learn and to offer. This learning can be done in many ways, by self-study like reading, practicing or by actively participating in formal continuing education. Continuing to walk on the yoga path helps you keep your beginner’s mind, it reminds you of what it is like to be a student. It can be a wonderful reminder of why you are passionate about yoga and teaching in the first place. Continuing education in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards is possible at our own studio, but also elsewhere. If our program doesn’t offer a subject that you are drawn to, we encourage you to take the opportunity to learn at another place. We hope to inspire you to keep on learning, and hopefully share what you learned with our community.

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance practicalities

Are you registered at Yoga Alliance? If so, you’ll need to complete and log 45 hours of yoga teaching and 30 hours of yoga-related training every 3 years. You can use the hours of these programs for the Continuing Education registration.

300hr or 500hr registration at Yoga Alliance

After finishing your 200hr training program you can continue your yoga journey with a 300hr training. To get a 300hr certification make sure you finish the program we offer at Open Yoga in 2,5 years. Let us know you if want to go for this certification, so we can guide you through the entire program.

Note: You can apply for a Yoga Alliance 500hr certification after completing both your 200hr and 300hr trainings. You have to take all modules of your 300hr at the same studio.

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Leading a teacher program

If you are interested in leading a teacher program, you’ll need to be 500hr certified. Let us know if you’re inspired to teach, and we’ll talk about the possibilities.